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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 23, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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north and east of us the backside drawing cold air rain transitioning over to, yes, that is snow in central, western pennsylvania, working its way to western maryland that will be with us for the next 24 hours as the storm system will be a slow mover yeah, transition to winter weather out west. let's look locally dealing with rain showers close to washington generally west of the city you can see out towards winchester martins burg, cloudy today, and periods of rain showers be prepared for showers, even though it is not raining at the moment might be a peek or two of sunshine showers later this afternoon cool temperatures regan national the temperature, is chilly, 42 degrees winds out of the north and west 14, pressure way down, 29.63 inches, here is your forecast today, things on the cold side this afternoon cool temperatures highs upper 40s to 50 with scattered showers throughout the day. more details on that forecast, in just a couple minutes tony
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and allison back upstairs to you. thank you very much. wet and slick roads, added to a terrible morning in parts of the belt way an accident that happened 2:00 a.m. this morning tied up traffic for hours, tractor trailer and two cars collided on the outer loop between coalsville road and georgia avenue, one person was killed another went to the hospital in serious condition, all lanes were reopened 4 hours, after that accident. and take a look at this scene this is in clinton maryland a car slams into the front of a house, it happened this morning, new pictures just in to fox 5 a car left old branch avenue came up the lawn and crashed into the living room of a home in the 8400 block a driver was slightly hurt no one in side was injured. new this morning an update on a case that is being closely followed across the country. >> george zimmerman the man accused of shooting and killing florida teenager trayvon martin was released on bond around
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midnight last night. fox 5s melanie alnwick joins us in studio for the latest. >> good morning tony no protestors, no questions shouted at zimmerman as he walked out of the seminole county jail it really was a low key event given all the attention this case has grabbed. >> george zimmerman is out of jail, wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans he left the correctional facility with several paper bags containing belongings he walked to a white suv got in the back and paid no attention to photographers holding vigil outside the car left the parking lot seminole county sheriff's vehicles blocked access to the area, during release zimmerman's ultimate destination is being kept a secret for his safety and could be outside florida. >> we have several options where he could be one out of state i just want to make sure wherever we place him he is secure. we talked about many times there is a lot of welled up emotions in this case, i do not
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want them flowing over on to george, until all the facts are known >> before he left zimmerman was fit with an electronic monitoring device. >> also concerns about the gps monitoring program as well not concern of getting it in place, we've got to meet with the officer, all the equipment has to be tested out nothing unusual. but just has to work through that process as well. >> zimmerman had to put up 10% of the $150,000 bond that equals $15,000, he must now observe a strict 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. curfew, and he is also surrendered his passport. now given the statements that mark oh mara made, they expect him to ask for a change of venue at some point no word yet when that trial might be. all right thank you very much. >> meanwhile civil rights activists in baltimore hope the trayvon martin case draws attention to an assault trial in maryland two brothers also neighbourhood watch men are
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accused of beating a black teenager while patrolling an orthodox jewish neighbourhood in baltimore in 2010. the brothers who are white and jewish, have claimed self- defense saying the teen was holding a nail studded board, however, civil rights activists accused them of racial profiling the 15-year-old that trial is set to begin today. major new development in a murder case that gripped dc nearly 30 years ago 7 men convicted of raping and killing katherine full inner 1984, could receive new trials, their attorneys want a chance to examine evidence they say was not available during the first trial. fuller was a 48-year-old mother of 6, when she was attacked in her northeast neighbourhood, police charge add group of men who called themselves the 8 and h crew. opening statements are set to begin today for the trial of the man accused of murdering jennifer hudson's family members the oscar and grammy
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winning singer may testify as a prosecution witness against william ball four he is jennifer hudson's estranged brother in law accused ofng the brother and 7-year-old nephew in 2008. >> john edwards trial for alleged campaign finance violations is accused of accepting nearly $1 million during his 2008 bid for the presidency and using it to hide an extramarital affair. his defense lawyers plan to argue, much of that money was siphoned off by a trusted aid and used to build an expensive home the trial is expected to last 6 weeks. in maryland more than a million bge customers will get relief next month a $100 credit on their accounts a condition of the merger between bges parent company and a chicago based utility they have promised to provide millions of
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dollars for energy efficiency and low income programs. democratic leaders in maryland are finally agreeing to a first step in ending the two week stale mate they are talking to each other, governor o'malley will host thomas miller and michael bush tomorrow morning on april 9th lawmakers adjourned without passing a tax passage that could trigger more than $500 million in cuts. >> to the race for the white house voters hitting the polls tomorrow, mitt romney and the presumptive republican nominee is looking to pick up more delegate has the nomination wrapped up for the most part. tomorrow president obama heads to denver. president is at the national holocaust memorial museum this morning this is the live look at the museum dedicated to helping leaders prevent genocide around the world sorry we do not have that picture for you. in a half hour he is due to
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give a speech on the plan to sanction dictators who use internet and technology, to track and crackdown on peaceful protestors. as you know it was another crazy day for caps fans they fell to the bruins 4-3 in overtime dave ross is here for more. >> just a gut wrenching loss but the series has been so dramatic first time ever in history of stanley cup playoffs all six games have been decided by one goal >> they have all been good games. >> if game seven is like the first six i will need a pace maker i don't know how we will get through it. >> i expect the same thing. >> every game right down to the wire. last night tony this was an incredible ending tied at 3, watch him hold the puck down right he tries to bring him out, this is in overtime he waits for the last second, fast forward to the game winner,
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watch him wait and hopi will come out a split second there, too soon and that is the -- take a look there. step up and hopi talked about that after the game. >> i should have learned from the play before that, they were going to try an 08 like that, and my fault. >> you know what it is not your fault he played, he has played, lights out this entire playoff series i love the stand up characters of him. speaking of stand up guys, dy united, they have not lost since chris came in studio to see allison seymour. his first career hat trick yesterday, in the rain as dc beat out new york 4-1 they have ascended all the way to second place in the eastern conference keep it going boys that is impressive really is what a turn around. >> we have been talking about it all morning will talk now,
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meta world peace yesterday lakers against the thunderer he got elbowed here early and we thing that is was the reason he had retaliation, rather james harden who happened to be in his way, right there. >> i don't like seeing that >> i know harden suffered a concussion we know in this town how difficult concussions can be he apologized after the game went on twitter i didn't see him it was an over reaction looks worse than it is it is hard to buy that he has a bad history with this sort of thing from his days in indiana i don't know what the commissioner will do, but it will be severe. i will be very stunned if we see meta world peace, play in the playoffs, as they get ready to start here in a week. i just don't know how you can put him out there. >> right now seems like the number floating around we don't know what the decision will be probably like 25 games. >> i would think so, going into next year. >> i am with you the first time
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i saw it, he didn't see the guy but then he feels the guy you know someone is there. >> when you play as long as he has you know there are people there. we are sending a message we cannot wait to see robert griffin the third come to washington dc we expect that to happen on thursday, we will have a draft special for you, it is at 6:30 p.m. right here on fox 5, dave feldman is here lyndsey murphy live up in new york city and i will be over at fedex field talking to the fans, they are fired up. we are fired up we got the whole team in action for this big special join us thursday at 6:30 p.m., draft day 2012, qv count down. >> it will be big. >> thank you dave. >> stay with us we will be right back with more in a couple moments, 9:10 a.m. we believe keeping kids healthy can start with healthy hands.
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teheran is building a copy of the american drone it captured last year it said it
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brought down the vehicle by hacking into controls from the ground it did land safely last december but the pentagon says it was a malfunction iranian scientists say they cracked encryption codes and reverse engineering the drone to build their own. united states promising to defend afghanistan for a decade after pulling troops out in 2014 the pledge is in a new strategic pack they just finalized it has taken 18 months to work out the deal spells out the future of u.s. involvement in afghanistan the agreement had to be finalized before president obama hosts nato leaders at the summit in chicago next month. >> maryland man make history travelling around the world alone in a sailboat -- alone in a sailboat he is back on dry land after 300 days at sea. >> genre ports, the 31-year-old did it to raise money for a local nonprofit group.
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>> reporter: with a bagpiper playing they came to annapolis by land, sea and air, to welcome home matt rutter ford who took this 27-foot sailboat on a journey that lasted 309 days more than 23,000 nautical miles. people before have sailed around the top of north america, and all the way around the bottom of south america and back, but until now, no one has done this, solo, nonstop. and here it is, marylandadventurer, matt rutherford back on land. among the hundreds in the crowd, the governor of maryland wearing shorts of course this is a boating event p. maryland's first lady, there for matt's send off june 2011. >> when we saw him off he was wearing the same shirt. >> how did he feel after nearly a year at sea? >> i am good long time no see
9:16 am
you know. really strange being here like a dream any minute i am going to wake up and be in the middle of the ocean it has happened over and over again. so,. >> the point of his round the hemisphere adventure was to raise money for a group called crab which hopes to buy a heavy duty gang way. >> for about 18 years i have been wanting to be able to take a wheelchair user, with an electric chair heavy chairs i have had them come down to the dock and decide not to go on our boats because they have to leave their chair behind. >> so that is a big thing there. >> there were dangers for this adventurer, particularly on the northwest passage. >> times i had very very near close misses i had icebergs coming out of the mist at the last second storms you mix it all together nearly killed by a giant iceberg at one point. >> what is next, writing a
9:17 am
book, and. >> i need a hair cut you guys see this going on? >> in annapolis, fox 5 news. still looking good for 300 days at sea. >> extraordinary. >> it is. >> how do you pack enough food? i don't know what you do. >> maybe we got to get him in there. >> let's do that. >> how nobel peace laureates are making history today. >> bargain books millions of people around the world, will pick up a new read today find out about world book night next. first let's check back with holly good morning. >> you know what i am doing continuing to rock and roll, with the students at charles river flowers high school, where we are live and the drama department is putting on soul train to mo town we will show you first hand why this is a show you must see. >> amazing. costumes and everything first
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space shuttle enterprise's flight from dulles to new york has gone from on time to delayed because of weather it was mounted on top of nasa's 747 friday but all the rain forced the delay the flight is postponed until further notice. first time in history, some famous nobel peace prize winners are gathering in chicago for a 3 day summit among the laureates expected are former soviet leader, my kale gosh
9:22 am
>>, dali lama and more. it is the first world summit of nobel peace laureates to be held in north america. tonight united states along with the uk hire land and germany will take part in world book night thousands of volunteers across the u.s. and the world will help give out millions of free books this is the second annual world book night but the first time the u.s. has participated. it was created last year to help spread the love of reading and of books. i don't have the end of that script i think one of our puppies is stepping on the prompter there. wonderful event. >> we have dogs in studio. coming up next, dirk's great adventure, a penguin from sea world australia, found swimming in a river how he got there that has a few men facing a lot of charges. >> okay i have it and the books will be given to places like churches military bases and prisons to name a few. >> now that is the culprit but
9:23 am
i forgive you because you are so adisorderrable. annie yu introduces us to -- adorable. >> annie yu introduces us to these puppies. >> stepping on our foot pedal that moves the tell prompter. >> fox 5 morning news will have the weather when we are back ♪
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remember the movie the hang over fortunately what happened in vegas stayed in se das but for a trio -- vegas, but for a trio of brit, down under, they drank too much on vacation, they broke into os kale yancey world to swim with the -- os vail yancey world and swam with a dolphin. they stole a penguin. no one was harmed but they are facing quite a few charges this is insane. >> they are insane. >> yeah. >> that is ridiculous.
9:27 am
>> okay. >> glad the penguin is okay and the dolphins. >> i want to take a moment to say happy birthday to my grandmother we all call her gammy she is 94 years young today. >> beautiful. >> i got to visit with her yesterday, she is doing quite well 94 she has seen a lot of life we love you very much happy birthday to you. >> time to get the recorder out and get every memory. >> we have heard a lot of stories from her through the years she used to hang out a little bit with ella fitzgerald. >> that's right. >> yeah, amazing. >> can we wish her happy birthday too. >> happy birthday gammy. >> happy birthday. >> 94 years young. >> in the meantime whoever else is going out might need a parka. >> you could live 94 years on the planet and never see a october snow storm and a late april snow storm the snow continues, live shot not terribly close to washington.
9:28 am
they have a winter storm warning expecting 4 to 8 inches of snow over there. next 24 hours. >> april 23rd. >> late in the season for this, but there you go. if you are travelling in that direction north and west of the city, later this afternoon, lookout i think your travel will likely be delayed. >> are they in a weird belt? >> well, elevation. as soon as they get a little higher the air not far up is cold, so it is able to transition over to winter weather. >> aptly named frost burg today. there is that radar locally showers out west, hanging tough here out towards lies burg and winchester front royal win chester by the way reports of the rain changing over to snow as well. so it is possible, a little closer to the city, out to some of our western viewers may see a mix of snow and rain showers here in washington a break, generally cloudy but later this afternoon showers will kind of
9:29 am
fill back in, we will bring along an umbrella, it will not rain all day like yesterday but showers and activities and cool temperatures big storm system very impressive for late april, there it is, center of low pressure north and east now, and most of our rain from yesterday, well north of us but the wrap around moisture, and upper level low is still moving on through s as i mentioned it is a cold chunk of air, out to our west, that is why we are watching it transition over to winter weather, right there, west virginia, western maryland, pittsburgh where it is currently raining you are probably not watching but off to the northwest they are expecting 2 to 4 inches of snow over the next 24 hours cool temperatures, 43 degrees in washington, these are actual air temperatures 39 gaithersburg, 39 frederick, 38 degrees in martins burg, doesn't even feel that warm winds continuing to gust out of the west 15 to 20 and most of the day our wind chill values will be hanging out in the 30s.
9:30 am
future cast showing you the area of low pressure slow to move north and west, more scattered showers, so showers back in the forecast this afternoon then things h start to flag down as that system gets further away from us, forecast will improve still cool, tuesday, really into the day wednesday but this will start to feel more like spring starting tomorrow afternoon today lots of clouds showers likely a peek of sunshine upper 40s to 50s. winds gusting to 30 miles per hour, cold tonight clear skies chilly and breezy, 39 your overnight low winds gusting to 25, keep the chill in for another 24 hours by tomorrow afternoon a few peeks of sunshine highs 60 wednesday looks great, a few more showers thursday, and behind that front back in the 60s guess what look at that trend all week lock temperatures below -- look at that temperatures below normal. back the you at the desk. >> thanks tucker debris from last year's tsunami in japan is
9:31 am
starting to wash up on the other side of the paic a man found a soccer ball on an -- pacific. a man found a soccer ball on an island in alaska. they contacted the boy in this photo, it was given to him in third grade when he transferred to another school. >> two house cats felt the call of the wild a bobcat strolled up to the families sliding glass door but instead of running away, the cats pawed at the window, hoping to play, at one point, the bobcat and house cats paws actually touched only separated by glass. look at that. how sweet is that the bobcat stayed for a half hour took a nap and then just wandered off. they are cousins right? >> yeah. >> wow. >> how cute. >> there are so many homeless animals looking for a loving home hopefully you will be inspired to adopt an animal through our weekly pet project.
9:32 am
>> annie yu has her hands full this morning we have ram bung house brothers in studio. >> that is the right word tony to explain frick and frack. patty you didn't bring us two puppies you brought us ram bun house ones. >> already they have caused such a scene >> i know i hope we will be invited back after today. >> you will be. >> let's get right into it. we have a lot to talk about quickly talk about scrappy an incredible story of survival we have a picture of this guy. >> his entire story is on our website but briefly, we had a volunteer stationed in iraq she found this dog contacted a volunteer copied the president of our organization can we save this dog yes, we can it took an amazing amount of people and coordination, but scrappy arrived in dc saturday night. >> he is gorgeous he was born outside a military camp in
9:33 am
baghdad. >> he was. >> and people were feeding him, he wasn't allowed on the base. he was attacked by a pack of dogs he was poisoned. they finally let him on the base where he was treated and cared for until one of the soldiers was sent home, so, the whole camp kind of rallied around him to save him the story is really, fascinating read i encourage everyone to check it out. >> >> all right now, here is frick and frack. >> they are brothers they came from a rural shelter in west virginia, like many of our dogs do. they don't have a compelling story, that they were rescued from a flood or fire or horder. they are simply an example of disposable pets. >> they look like twins. >> they do. they are brothers people have a mentality they don't need them any more they dump them in shelters, these guys wouldn't be alive right now if we hasn't stepped in, tearing up the studio and making noise and
9:34 am
there are thousands every day like this just tossed aside and they are disposable. >> incredible we see it every day in the news. so they are available now, 3 months old. >> 3 months old brothers they don't have to go together if someone has energetic children or active household would want to consider two that would be great but they can be split up. >> energetic is key >> they will need training so they become good canine citizenmore better behaved than today. >> if you take these guys home you will be laughing a lot they have been making us laugh for the past 5 minutes. >> you have also the fun event casino night second annual, allison seymour is hosting it. >> we are so happy allison will be our special hostess for the evening. last year was a fabulous success we are still looking for an appropriate venue that will hold 300 to 350 people. >> that is a lot of people. >> yeah and soliciting raffle
9:35 am
and auction items. if there are businesses or individuals that would want to consider getting involved helping with a service or an item or sponsorship or venue, we can be reached at info@a forever >> all proceeds help benefit a forever home. >> ifs for a forever home's forever home we want a facility where we can have an office do education training adoptions storage. >> you all do such amazing work. >> we were blown away by the response last year about casino night it was fabulous almost completely sold out and everybody we talked to had a wonderful time we made a lot of money. >> well, allison is happy to be a part of that again for the second year we will post this information to our website available for adoption asap >> my first time i can't wait. >> we should point out -- >> let me know when we get a date and place. >> the dogs are not misbehaving they are being puppies. >> they are puppies.
9:36 am
>> yeah, yeah,. >> they are. >> well, we shouldn't really tell everybody what they did off air. >> well, and people always know what puppies do. >> thank you all. >> thanks annie. >> find out which new release not the hunger games, off of the top of the list. off the top of the box office spot. >> new look for lady gaga find out where you can see her latest look next xt pgh >> today's trivia question. what percentage of whole milk, is actually water? is it 20%, 45%, 60%, 85% the answer is coming up later but if you want to guess now head to our facebook page fox 5 morning news is back after the break k 
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this monday morning with a new flick topping the box office think like a man came in number one this weekend knocking hunger games to the third spot lucky one came in second both date night movies brought in millions more than the studios expected. hopefully the third time is a charm for neil diamond. >> the sweet caroline crooner is celebrating his third marriage he tied the knot, you know what my foot pedal is not working. he tied the knot to his manager, they exchanged vows in front of family and close friends this gives the couple just over a month of newly wed bliss before diamond hits the road kicking off an american tour on june 1st this is his bride's first marriage. >> is that a cool 30 years between them >> about 30 years,. >> 29 years. >> lady gaga isn't even 29 years old. known for her crazy looks of
9:41 am
course, starting today you can see her in wax, madame tousseau is celebrating if you show up dressed like gaga you get in for free the figure is on loan from las vegas. it will be on display in dc until june 30th. >> i wonder what look they will use. >> maybe the meat dress >> i know. i hope not the meat dress. >> right. >> a little disturbing. >> coming up talk show host, chat with him k with new live after the break about what we can expect on this his new season. >> plus soul train to mo town holly is taking us to a local high school for a performance full of decades of music meet students involved on the other side of break. 
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television host jeremy kyle has a full plate he takes two different versions of his show, two be aired in different countries and he is back with another season and new episodes, jeremy joins us live from new york with a preview, of what we can expect to see this year good morning jeremy how are you? >> morning tony great to speak to you how are you my friend. >> great to have you on the show once again i am doing well i have to say i did not know that you did two completely different versions of the show one for here and one for overseas. how do you keep track of all the shows and all the guests and everything you are doing. >> it is a big ask this year we are looking at 360 shows both sides of the pond, 200 england, 150, 160 here in new york, two
9:46 am
separate offices, separate photo people the problem trance sends geography doesn't matter if you are english or american americans are slightly more expressive, but it is a lot of flying a lot of organization, i have an excellent right hand man we are just trying to make it work i finished in america in december, i had 7 days at home started again in january, i already made 120 i think in england we come back in july back to the states if i can get past the rabbits at jfk. >> sounds like a story there but we will move on. looks like -- tell me here is a question i have about a show like this, these people come on the show they know they are going to be revealing and talking about highly personal, some times embarrassing stuff questionable judgment why do they do it? >> do you know what, over the years tony i have said this to an awful lot of people i don't have a magic wand i don't have the absolute right answer over the years i said to people in an ideal world you me we go home to our wife, brother sister, parents we have that
9:47 am
support unit to turn to so many people in the united kingdom and last year in the states would say we don't have any where to turn, we know it is a television show but most of all, it is the truth isn't it a lot of -- i just think we live now in a world in a society where people fudge the truth they sugar coat it i just think people like to know the truth even if they don't like what they hear they want to know where you are coming from that is the point of the show if you ask me i am going to tell you. doesn't mean i am right the whole time probably be wrong some of it if you ask me an opinion i will do my best to move you forward. >> you are pretty direct with the folks which is a change of pace from some other folks. let me ask you about some of the shows coming up on the new season here in the u.s. a new show called i should have never let my husband sleep with another woman. >> well, i have to tell you, specifically not for you tony, that sounded wrong but this
9:48 am
show is friday, it extraordinary see you have a man and his wife on stage and she said to him you know what we can have an open marriage i have your brain i don't need your body you can have sex with other people the mistress comes on this is the woman he was having the open relationship with, and she thinks he is going to dump me for the wife no, he is also bringing on the wife's best friend because he has been seeing her behind the wife and police tresses back and thinks he will -- mistresses back and he thinks he will tell everyone he is leaving the wife and the mistress the wife and best friend have been working together they have done him up like a kipper, they have completely blown out of the water he is left red faced. >> you got me i am watching that one. >> we have the wife the mistress and the best friend he had sex with them all >> crazy an amazing show, jeremy kyle show, new episodes, starting right now, we
9:49 am
appreciate you coming on to talk about it get a little rest if you can. >> tony listen thank you and i love dc and you were so kind god bless you. >> come back any time we appreciate it. >> jeremy kyle show airs week days at noon, right here on fox 5. that is going to be a crazy show >> my thing is, i would be afraid to get right up in the faces of some of his guests he doesn't care. >> he just tells them what he thinks they need to hear. >> like it or not. >> charles herbert flowers high school spring dale maryland hosting a two day encore of soul train to mo town this weekend. >> holly morris is there to learn more about the show we have seen so many different acts during the course of this morning it is extraordinary holly. >> it is extraordinary, and the only thing you really need to know about this show you need to see it, they are doing an encore presentation, this friday and saturday, this is a show they have been working on
9:50 am
since october and really, it is something everyone is super proud of including the choreographer. >> yes. >> and you must have quite the moves yourself because there are some good moves you have taught these kids >> i think i do. >> you can bring it from time to time. tell me about working on this show and working with the kids. >> always been a great experience working with the kids here, i have been working with chanel for the past 6 years on musicals here at the school these kids have so much talent just ready to be pulled out we really have seen them grow throughout this process of putting together this show not only in terms of just skill level but in terms of maturity and confidence and it is spilling over into success in all the other areas of their lives >> i know you love working with them and they say they love working with you they are dedicating this next song to you. >> hit it with the next song ♪ [ music ] ♪
9:51 am
>> tell me about core graphing off the numbers >> i looked at a lot of old videos to see what was popular during that time period, old soul train clips that type of thing as well as some of the students as inspiration they came up with some of the moves themselves. >> that is a lot of fun they got to be a part of it do you really believe this that give and take and the feedback so that everybody is a hit on the creative process. >> most definitely just makes a creative environment where they are able to do that you know they always say, who ted heads are better -- two heads are better than one. we love doing it every time. >> the more feet we have dancing the better the party is. >> danielle where are you? come over here.
9:52 am
come over. she is the professional make up artist, wow. so you know it is a special show when they bring in a professional make up artist what has been it been like -- what has it been like working on this >> i love working with the kids i have a group of girls who come in, in two weeks, they learned how to apply make up for stage they really enjoy it. >> that is wonderful not only do you get to be a part of this and they get to be a part of your professionalism you use it as a teaching moment. >> exactly. they make sure everything is perfect i am very grateful. i know everyone that is a part of this is proud of them last but not least marcus, come on up here. marcus is the class president, i understand and rick james of the show. >> yes, ma'am. >> tell me what you have gotten
9:53 am
out of it. >> so much development and growth, changing over the course of the year. personally working together with the team, start from the bottom and build up just a great thing to do. bring it to the audience. >> you know, it has been fun watching the kids here this morning it is a clean song you guys are still having a good time inspiring each other, give me a little insight into the backstage pomp before you come out and perform >> i would say all of that, in rehearsal, we all are in the beginning working with teams, the guys are all together, working on songs and working to get our voices everything together and all that comes, backstage helping each other out a lot of comradery. >> marcus i would love to talk to you more, but there is a
9:54 am
soul train line we need to get up there. come on, everybody it is a soul train line. come on we are going down the soul train line. ♪ [ music ] usic ] ♪ they are having an enkilometres an hour presentation and you can see why -- encore presentation and you can see why this friday and saturday, charles herbert flower high school in spring dale, come be a part of soul train to mo town.
9:55 am
7:00 p.m. friday and saturday night more fox 5 morning news when we come back stay with us 
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time for the answer to today's trivia question this morning we asked what percentage of whole milk is water the answer 85%. >> what? >> seriously >> i had no idea. >> the remainder is made up of carbs, protein, fat. >> what about like 1% milk. >> 90%, 93% water. >> that means 1% fat. >> that's right. >> well, all right. speaking of questions do you have one you would like answered send it to me head to click on the morning tab for a link to ask allison, answer questions on friday mornings, love the family questions have a bunch
9:59 am
to answer, going to get to our questions on friday, because we do it every friday, is an earthquake a weather event tucker. >> the answer is no. >> see that is a quick one. >> i have a question. >> someone wrote that in. >> i have a question how come your picture is better than the ask the weather guy picture. >> you have to go back and choose it. >> all right. >> he will do it for you >> i like your new picture. >> here is a live shot, your theme for today, temperatures upper 40s to 50 for your daytime high breezy at times, out of the west, winds gusting north, bring an umbrella just in case. over the next couple days, a cool week. >> cool week all righ


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